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2013/2014 Silver Fern Scheme opens on 29 April

New Zealand 3/16/2013 12:25:40 AM

Each year only 300 places of Silver Fern Job Search visas are available. Since the Silver Fern Visa scheme was launched in 2010, the quota has been filled within minutes even seconds in each and every official release day.

The 2013/2014 quota will open on 29 April 2013 at 10:00am (New Zealand time). It can be predicted that the competition on that day must be very furious. 

Date back to 4 May 2012, opening day of Silver Fern Scheme which should have opened on 27 April 2012. A technical fault occurred shortly after the Silver Fern opened which enabled people to submit applications after all the places had been filled," said Rob Stevens, Immigration New Zealand's service support general manager. According to Stevens, approximately 4,000 people were logged into the website to apply for the visa and 306 people went through the full application process, including payment, after the 300 quota had been filled. Then an email was sent to 630 applicants informing them that they had "successfully submitted'' their applications and that their payment had been accepted. All the applicants were thanking God for getting one quota. However, hours later a second email was sent out to correct the original email that said: "We regret to advise you of a technical fault ... and that your application was accepted in error.'' Applicants were told to apply again "when the quota reopens about this time next year''. What a disaster! 

All the applicants could not accept it and tried every means to contact INZ, making their voice heard. Under such great pressure, INZ made a final solution.INZ reviewed the circumstances and in an act of good faith would accept all applicants who completed the application process with confirmed payment.

Given that more than 600 applications were accepted under the Silver Fern Job Search visa scheme in2012, any declines, withdrawals or cancellations will not result in a place going back into the quota. It makes the 2013/2014 quota much more valuable and must be much harder to get.

Wisesoft takes pride in possessing a high-tech methodology detecting and grabbing the quotas in seconds. No matter it's the official opening day or not, we detect quota release events 7/24 in real time without interruption,  as soon as the quota becomes available,  your online application is being automatically submitted from our digital queue in seconds.

Did you miss out the 2012/2013 quota? not neccessrily to regret or worry about that! As long as you are eligible and want one, welcome to contact us. Because our places are limited, please be quick. First come, First served!


Visa status of some of our 2012 Silver Fern clients:  

Client 1.

Quota secured on 4/5/2012, client entered New Zealand on 20/2/2013


Client 2.

Quota secured on 4/5/2012, client entered New Zealand on 29/1/2013



Client 3.

Quota secured on 4/5/2012, client entered New Zealand on 7/3/2013


Client 4.

Quota secured on 4/5/2012, client entered New Zealand on 23/1/2013

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